Life in transition

i like beauty in whatever form it may show itself.... i also have a youtube channel if youre interested into that sort of thing

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people mountain, people see

Mojo Wang

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you tell them!

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Photographed by Zeb Daemen for Prestage Magazine

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Exploded and dissected skulls. Beauchene Skull - Mounted preparation of human skulls were used to demonstrate better views of separate cranial bones. 19th Century. The above images, I presume, were most likely prepared and mounted by RMC.


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endless list of favorite collections: dolce & gabbana fall/winter 2014

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lordvoldimort Hi, hi! I just wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for your kindness! You're such a sweetheart. And also you are so talented, I watched your videos and holy cow! Anyway, ignore my fangirl. xo

omg thank you :) you’re too kind, i just do those as a hobby, but i stopped because uni keeps me to busy to have a life… anyways thanks :) 


Pakistani artist #anilaquayyum agha creates an award winning masterpiece exercising the interplay of shadow and light. ‘Intersections’ is a 6.5-foot laser-cut wooden cube pierced with carefully crafted patterns and illuminated from the inside, which casts lace-like geometries using a single lightbulb.


Grace Hartzel by Hedi Slimane edited by datamodel


Details of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Collection (x)

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